About FEMICOM Museum is a hybrid physical/digital museum and archive dedicated to the preservation and reimagination of femininity in twentieth-century video games, computing, and electronic toys. Read more about the mission and beginnings of FEMICOM: Hello World! Introducing FEMICOM.

Who we are Since its founding in 2012, FEMICOM Museum has been operated by Rachel Simone Weil. Weil is an experimental artist and video game historian whose work explores femininity, alternative histories, and speculative / electric dreaming. She creates art games and glitch art for the Nintendo Entertainment System under the alias Party Time! Hexcellent! and helps organize Austin's monthly indie games event, Juegos Rancheros.

Photograph by Marjorie Becker

FEMICOM Museum has a newly-formed advisory board which will help to direct FEMICOM's activities and mission in the future. FEMICOM's board members are Adam Saltsman, Sarah Brin, Iain Simons, and Robin Hunicke.