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WIP: Some cute NES source code



For the past year or so, I’ve been working toward making my NES assembly source code more beautiful and navigable. Here’s a screenshot of code from a current work-in-progress NES homebrew game.


Idol Hakkenden (Famicom, 1989)



Idol Hakkenden (アイドル八犬伝) is an adventure game in which you play as an aspiring pop idol named Erika. This Nintendo Famicom game was released exclusively in Japan in 1989.


Magic Jewelry II (Famicom, 1991)

This is the title screen for Magic Jewelry II, an unlicensed Nintendo Famicom game made by Taiwanese homebrewer Huang Xinwei (黃信維) in 1991. Like its predecessor, Magic Jewelry II is a match-3 Columns clone. The sequel adds a number of additional features such as selectable gem styles and a two-player mode.

Are these two girls casting a spell? Making magical jewelry, perhaps?