McKenzie & Co.

Summary McKenzie & Co. is a CD-ROM game. It was released for PC in 1995.

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The 5 CD-ROM Adventure Girls Will Love!


Kim, Carly, Elizabeth, Sam, McKee, and Trish are sooo psyched to have a car this year. They're going to need those wheels to keep up with everything that's going on - school, part-time job, barbeques, baseball games... WHEW! But don't worry, they've saved you a seat so you won't miss out on anything. Whether it's encounters with zany characters, a candelit dinner with HIM, the prom, or just jammin' with your friends, you'll be THERE!


Even the busiest girl has time to kick back and relax. With a little help from computer magic...mix and match over 400 items of clothing from six great stores...experiment with makeup...add a touch of red to your lips or a swoosh of copper to your eyes... Go on, have some fun!


Sure, you have to go to school...what would junior year be without it? But homework has never been this fun! Wait till you see the puzzles and games the teachers at Madison High have in store for you!

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