Do you have ideas for features or items you'd like to see in FEMICOM? If so, email us!

If you have information, scans, or physical items you'd like to donate to the museum, let us know. Items such as computer software, video games, video game consoles, video game promotional, prototype, or development assets, and some electronic toys or games are admitted to the collection based on internal selection criteria. Ideal submissions are from 2000 or earlier, have little cosmetic damage or wear, and represent a complete set where applicable.

Select items in the FEMICOM online collection contain a link that you can follow to purchase the item on Amazon. These referrals generate a little revenue to help keep FEMICOM running and to purchase archival equipment or collection items—100% of the money raised through Amazon referrals goes back into FEMICOM.

Our donors

FEMICOM thanks the following individuals for their donation of games, funds, or services.

  • Andrew Reitano
  • Cameron L.
  • Daniel B.
  • Grace "Thymine" Voong
  • Love Hz
  • Marlen H.
  • Mary D.
  • Michael D.
  • Omar C.
  • Paul M.
  • Peter Swimm
  • Sawa Matsueda Savage
  • Susan M.
  • Valerie d. Walker

You are welcome donate money to FEMICOM via Paypal by clicking the button below. All donated funds go toward the purchase of collection items.