Kenji Terada, writer for early Final Fantasy games, worked on a little-known Animal Crossing-like game in the 1990s

You might know Kenji Terada from his work writing for the first three Final Fantasy games. What you might not know about Terada is that he also worked on a little-known 1996 life sim, Loopy Town no Oheya ga Hoshii! (“I Want a Room in Loopy Town”).

In three-dimensional Loopy Town, you’re given your very own room to decorate with furniture and other items. But in order to get the furniture, you must work a part-time job to earn money. It all sounds a bit like Animal Crossing, though Loopy Town predates the first Japanese release of Animal Crossing by five years.

Above is a scanlated (scanned and translated) Loopy Town catalog page that was originally in Japanese as part of a Casio product catalog. This scanlation is the first of what will be many more to be housed in the FEMICOM Casio Loopy Collection. These scanlations are being created to help educate other English-speakers about the very cool but misunderstood Casio Loopy. The original Japanese catalog page for Loopy Town is available here.

You can learn more about the Casio Loopy and all 11 software titles by visiting the FEMICOM Casio Loopy Collection homepage.

by Rachel Weil on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013